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Not All EN-for-MS-Outlook Add-ins Seem to Work the Same!?

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I use MS Win 10, with a MS Office 365 Subscription, and use EN-for-Windows ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)), 95% o the time.
My desktop installed MS Outlook App, is the bucket where I collect all emails from my 5 different web-mail accounts, gmail, outlook, yahoo etc.  My MS Outlook app, only shows 1x EN add-in has been installed, yet 2x EN-Add-ins display on the Outlook menu/ribbon, when specifically using my Microsoft email e.g. name@outlook.com  versus when using any other email account, whereby only 1x EN-Add-in menu icon is displayed.  So my 1st question is why is this?
image.png.033a7c8cddf84f2f04604eaa972b4950.png  vs   image.png.d1f18368bf4bf936c97cc4f51ce64bc7.png
Sometimes when using my gmail or yahoo email accounts, the EN-Add-in-clipper doesn't play nice, and throws up errors, and simply wont clip to EN, no matter what i try...and so my last resort is to move the email into my MS Outlook email, that displays 2 EN-Add-in icons (as pictured above), use the green icon coloured add-in, and hey presto, it works every time.
So my 2nd question is why is this, and how can I resolve it?  cheers
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@ravboy, I noticed the same thing

The green EN clipper is not clipping the outlook exchange emails I have. It will work with other emails in the outlook 365 inbox though. This computer only has the green clipper.

I have another computer with outlook exchange on outlook 365 and it has the green and white EN clipper buttons. Only the the white works with the outlook exchange email.

Could it be that the version of EN matters?


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4 hours ago, Fasteddie said:

Could it be that the version of EN matters?

I don't think so.  This dual EN-Clipper Icon on the Outlook ribbon/menu bar, has continually been there, over all the 8+ previous EN updates I can remember making.  I'm not computer savvy enough to understand or know about your other comments re MS Exchange, indeed I find the whole MS ecosystem very confusing.

If i had to guess as to a possible cause why 2 EN-Clipper icons (1 grey, 1 green) appear on the ribbon when specially accessing my default outlook email account, the name@outlook.com account, I suspect it's because this account is using some native syncing tech to get the emails versus the others i.e. name@yahoo.com using pop/smtp servers etc... I really don't know, but would be good to resolve. 

Ultimately, and as a work-around, once all day-to-day emails have been dealt with, I could simply bulk-move all emails/from all accounts, into the outlook email account, so as to use the green EN-Clipper icon, as it does seem to be more effective at clipping emails to EN. 

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Evernote would probably look into it if you raise a support ticket.  My general take on Outlook is that there is an online version and an installed version and they presumably use different code bases depending on your OS,  so some differences are to be expected.  I also get the occasional issue with my installed Outlook clipper,  and I use the Gmail option (my addresses are @gmail.com) or copy / paste when desperate.  There's never been a serious enough issue to spend time fixing it - you may have already guessed I'm always a fan of the quick work-around and-get-on-with-the-job approach.

Some of my emails are forwarded to Evernote by Gmail filters now - I can send them to notebooks direct using Filterize links;  others get sent from Outlook using something in my version called "Quick Steps" - one-click links that will execute like an Outlook Rule.  In other cases I'll use the clipper because I can select several emails in a thread and edit the titles and add the correct global notebook/ tag details.  In general things work pretty well... (oops. Now I jinxed it..)

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