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Placing a Note under a Stack with the Mac

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What do you mean by „stack“ ?

Inside of EN each note belongs to one (and only one) notebook. Notebooks can be grouped together in stacks. Individual notes can not be part of a EN stack.

Outside if EN a note is not an independent object. So even when you can make a new window with a note inside, this is not independent from the EN app.

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2 hours ago, organizing said:

Hi.  I just starting using EN with a Mac.  How do I place a note under a stack?  I think with Windows I was able to just drag the note and drop it on a stack.  That does not seem possible with the Mac.

Notebooks are placed under a stack; not notes1094009106_ScreenShot2019-10-03at08_32_41.png.ec3755e9355eba660207550c2299e5a1.png
On Macs, this is done on the Notebook page; not in the Sidebar

I'm not a fan of drag and drop.
Right-clicking on a notebook gives Stack Options

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Thanks for the feedback PinkElephant and DTLow.  I mis-typed...  I meant to type that I was unable to drag-n-drop a Notebook on a Stack.  I have a notebook Mac Stuff and would like to place that notebook under the stack Computer Technology.   With EN on the Mac, I don't seem to be able to create (or drag-n-drop) a Notebook under a Stack.

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5 minutes ago, organizing said:

With EN on the Mac, I don't seem to be able to create (or drag-n-drop) a Notebook under a Stack.

Are you working on the Notebook page?
Drag-n-Drop doesn't work in the sidebar

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From memory, because I am traveling iPhone only: You need to go to the view of your notebooks. There you can move a notebook into a stack. Not very intuitive...

If you use iOS as well: Go to the notebook view, pick your notebook, click the 3 dots, go to notebook settings and choose the stack (last option on the page).


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Thanks guys.  Yes, I had to be in Notebook view to perform the drag-n-drop.  If memory serves me, the process of moving a notebook from one stack to another stack, was much easier and more intuitive, in Windows.   I can't help but wonder why this less intuitive method was necessary/selected for the Mac.

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