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Evernote team set-up

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I'm looking for advice on how to set up Evernote for a number of people.

Currently I have one premium license that 3 separate people (1 team) on 3 separate Macs use and we all update a set of notes.

Things sync all ok and generally all works, having one account for 3 users works for us because these notes are updated infrequently, and we are all in the same office.

I now want to add 2 more teams (3 members in each).

Is the best approach to still have one license amongst all of us, or should I set this up as 3 licenses for 3 teams?

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4 hours ago, ColD said:

Is the best approach to still have one license amongst all of us, or should I set this up as 3 licenses for 3 teams?

No, each member should have their own account.  They don't all have to be Premium accounts, but be aware of account limits

Premium account(s) would share Notebook(s) with the other team members (uploads are charged to the notebook owner's allowance).  Minimal notebooks are better (use tags for organization)

Have you considered a Business account?

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Hi again - and yes (kinda),  one premium account can share one or more notebooks with a dozen or so people.  With the right permissions,  they can see, add and edit notes in the shared notebooks.  Within the Basic account limits,  they'll also be able to create their own 'local' notes in their own account. No-one else will have access to those,  unless two colleagues want to share a note between themselves.

If two people try to edit the same shared note from the Premium account,  Evernote should advise the second person that the note is locked until the first person finishes their activity.  The only caveats are:

1    only the 'owner' of the Premium account can add new tags.  As long as all possible tags have been added to one note somewhere,  they will be available to the others.

2    Evernote's servers are the central 'hub' and the accounts will all sync randomly with it to send and receive any changes to notes.  There may be a delay between one person making a change and someone else seeing the results.  Short sync intervals are better than long ones!

More here - Share notebooks

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(1) does mean the tags have to get published, sort of.

Some places have near empty notes just used to add new tags to the basket. Who needs a new tag will type it into the shared note, and the owner will review it and create new tags assigned note shared to all.

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In general a Setup with one Premium account as a hub and several Basic ones as Clients can work pretty well.

You will just run into problems when you try to create a real complete data base for all of the company.

Here the approach to set up a real Business account where every user has access to all data made available for him is much more solid. Yes, it costs money, but on the other hand it creates a manageable, solid data solution to set up real workflows.

In my opinion the benefit is far greater than the money to keep it running.

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