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Apple Pencil Pressure Setting



I’d like to see a setting where I can toggle the pressure to line weight feature for the Apple Pencil. I love using the app for notetaking in my classes but the pressure detection makes it difficult to write quickly and still be readable forcing me to either write slowly or to make certain I hold the pencil in the same wrist position in the same spot on my iPad for every word I write and it is difficult to balance the resting line weight with the moving line weight and it gives each letter a dot at the start and end of any stroke or lettering in the same word varying line thicknesses. If this could be turned off so that the line weight was always the same it would be perfect.

Attached picture shows the dots at the end of strokes and variable line weights when writing quickly.


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4 minutes ago, Elliedg14 said:

How do you upvote ideas?

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