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Notes disappeared after switching phone



Hi there. I have never had issues with notes synchronisation before. Even used the web version at work and everything was up to date.

Until I changed to a new phone and after downloading the evernote app and logging in, the interface displayed blank pages as if everything was brand new. All of my notes were wiped out completely. Nothing in trash, history as it was as if my account was brand new. Could someone please kindly help me?

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Most likely it looks like a new account because it is a new account.

It is (too) easy to create a new account when logging in. One mistake, and instead of logging in it will create a new account.

To be sure you can go to the web client through a browser and open your account. You can check your devices there. I think your new phone will not show.

To correct it simply check out and check in again using your correct credentials.

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