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Possible Work Around for Webclipper iOS/Mac

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We all hope Web Clipper will return to work as soon as possible under Safari to the Mac.

As long as it is missing, there is a workaround using a new feature of Safari under iOS 13. It is working much better in keeping the original page view than the "Export to pdf ..." menu item in Safari 13 on my Mac.

Open the page in an iOS device. Make a screenshot (home button: Press on-switch and home at the same time, Face-ID: Press Side-button and volume-up at the same time). Then pick "full page" to the right on top of the screen shot page that is showing.

This will create a pdf of the full website you are viewing, not only the part that shows in your screen. You can save it to a folder in the "Files App". If you have this folder inside of your iCloud-Drive, it will share within a few moments into the iCloud-Drive of your Mac for further action. Unfortunately on my iPhone there is currently no option to share the pdf directly into Evernote.

This does not replace WebClipper, but does allow to pick pretty accurate pdfs of websites as long as it is missing.




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For a work-around automation, look at scripting; Applescript on a Mac, Shortcuts on IOS

Screenshots and pdfs often do a better job of preserving web page information
Evernote's native format/editor has problems with some of the complex web page code.

I also use the web archive format.

There's a benefit in not intermixing the underlying html code

Macs have an Evernote Helper app.  This allows multiple screenshots, and provides a Save to Note button

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