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iPadOS. Evernote side by side support?

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Anyone see any information on when Evernote plans to update the iOS app to support opening two versions of Evernote side by side?  It seems like that iPadOS feature was made with note taking apps like Evernote in mind... not seeing any info about when they expect to release it?

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No indication from Evernote on this

There is a feature request, linked below.  Indicate your support using the vote button at the top left corner


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Currently the only workaround seems to be to use another note app (like Apple notes, GoodNotes etc.) to be used in split mode like a parallel scratchpad, and move the result into EN.

This is absolutely unsatifactory !

PS. Both apps mentioned above already support multiple windows. Apple notes does it from the OS release, GoodNotes released the side-by-side feature directly after iPadOS 13 was available. Seems they made their homework in due time.

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