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Can't Find Note History.. Missing Data

Fart Sniffer


Hi Guys,

I had two versions of the same note open without realising, and spent considerable time updating one. After coming back to my computer, Evernote decided to log me out and didn't give me a choice in what to save. After bringing up the tab I saw my notes disappear and be replaced by the screen telling me I've been logged out or whatever.

Seems Evernote decided it would save the tab which didn't contain the lengthy updates I have done, so I fear that even accessing history won't help me with this one. Can anyone confirm how Evernote handles these sorts of scenarios?

I have signed up for a trial of Premium and attempted to access the note history, but can't for the life of me, see or find the 'i' in the note editor that is supposed to be there. The screen I have isn't the same one as shown in the Youtube video. I'm using Windows.



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Hi, um "FS," and welcome to the forums. I can't answer your first question--I've never had the Evernote Windows app log me out by itself, unless of course I turned the computer completely off. In the Windows program the little i for Info is among the items to the right of the title of the note, whether you're viewing the note in the note window or in a standalone window. It's pretty far to the right, so you may have to expand the window to find it. Hope you're able to get your edits back!

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