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Evernote for Gmail - saves only the last e-mail in a thread

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I installed the Evernote for Gmail extension in order to archive the e-mails from my best friend on Evernote. We share quite a lot of letters, which sometimes include long threads of up to 20 e-mails. However, I noticed that if I want to export an e-mail, which is a part of a long thread  of emails, to Evernote, only the last e-mail in a given thread gets exported. I mean e-mails which have the same titles. This is not what I wanted to achieve as I intended to archive all e-mails I received from my bestie on Evernote. Is there a way around it? How can I do this with the Evernote for Gmail extension? Thanks in advance :) 

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Hi.  Do you have Gmail set up to display the complete thread of emails as one entry?  IE is conversation view on?  Mine is,  and Evernote seems to pick up all the emails in a thread without any problems...


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