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Basic readability

Curt Wohleber


Paid subscriber here. After 10 years, I'm starting to look around for alternatives.

I just can't believe there is still no reasonably simple way to increase spacing between paragraphs so that you can actually distinguish them as paragraphs.  I have to insert extra line breaks--effectively adding blank paragraphs--to make the text readable, and then they have to be removed if I'm going to repurpose the text in some other application.

This forum's browser-based rich text editor--the one I'm using to type this very post--understands the difference between paragraph breaks and line breaks. I hit Enter and get a paragraph break. I type Shift-Enter and get a line break. But asking this of a full-fledged desktop application is apparently too much!

Other people have asked for this obvious feature, and some replies are all like, "Whoa, Evernote isn't a word processor, man." But there's already lots of formatting frippery in Evernote:  Bells and whistles for table editing. A dedicated toolbar button that makes code blocks with monospace type, borders and shaded backgrounds. I'm not asking for advanced word-processing capabilities in Evernote. We're not talking about advanced typography here--kerning, leading, indentation or anything like that. I'm just looking for common-sense support of a basic feature of English-language text.

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