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How would I do this? (Total noob!)

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I'm in the market for a single burner stove for camping/travel. I have created a note called "stove options" and would like to save screenshots of the various models so I can share it with my partner. 

What is the easiest way to do this? I have web clipper but it seems to be making a new note for every screenshot instead of placing them all in "stove options." 


Any help would be much appreciated!

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Simplest way to me would create a tag called stove.options and then add that tag to each clip.  When in EN search by tag:stove.options and all the clips will be there.  If you want them in one note you can select all of the notes (Ctrl+A) and merge them.

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One other option would be to select the material on each stove on whatever Web page, then paste it into the "stove options" note. That can result in inconsistent formatting. Cal's suggestion can be done without tagging, if you're not into that, simply by letting Web clipper clip each possibility to a separate note (remember you can adjust options to clip an entire page or just a simplified version or selected material), then merge them: in the Note List select all of the notes by Ctrl+click on each one; then in the dialog that pops up select Merge. This will create one new note that combines all the original ones; the original ones are moved to Trash so you can find them if something goes wrong. You can configure the separator between original clips in the new merged note in Tools > Options > Note > Note merge options.

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16 hours ago, raffy said:

would like to save screenshots of the various models

Which platform/device

I use a Mac.  I can save screenshots with Evernote Helper, or simply to my desktop
I then drag all the screenshots into a note

I can also merge the multiple notes into a single note

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