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Create a Spin-Off Note



Function: The ability to create a new "spin-off" note from text in an existing note.


  1. Select text within an existing note.
  2. Create a new note and use the selected text as the title.
  3. Convert the selected text in the existing note to a hyperlink, to the new note.

For example: I have a note of Minutes recorded from a recent Meeting. Some of the line in the note are topics for further development or follow-up actions. I would like to be able to quickly make new notes for each followup action, so that these can be developed further. The original "Meeting Minutes" note then becomes more-or-less a "Table of Contents".


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. There's a specific forum group for feature requests like this: https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/449-product-feedbackfeature-requests/. Go there, and pick which platform you want to see this implemented on. Or let us know which platform you're working with (e.g., Windows) and one of us can move it there.

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