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Support for iPad OS 13 multi-taking functionality.



Hi. There may be a thread already on this, but I was unable to find it. 

I’m hoping to use Evernote on the iPad, and specifically open to instances of the app side by side, so I can work on two notes side by side. I take this is not working right now on Evernote. Does anyone know if and when this will be available? Is it available in Beta mode? 

Thanks SO much. m. 

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27 minutes ago, Tinchohs said:

so I can work on two notes side by side.

I moved this discussion to the feature request forum, and added my vote

Not currently a feature in Evernote/IOS

>>I SO wish Evernote was more responsive with features and updates.

iPadOS has been public for 1 day; lets give Evernote a couple more days on this 🙂

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Thanks. Appreciate it. I SO wish Evernote was more responsive with features and updates. I know they are working on many fronts, but sometimes it feels they are not aligned to what I am looking for, specially when it comes to the iPad – a platform I use more and more for work. The limited PDF editing, the ‘lack’ of pen support and now this make me wonder if thy are committed to this platform. I understand it’s has nothing to do with you. but just in case they are paying attention and reading the forums. Thanks again. Martin. 

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+1 for this update.... as I stated in a prior post (before finding this existing idea), Side-By-Side view of two instances of the same app seems to be a feature that was built for Evernote and similar note taking apps.  Most of the leading note apps have been working on adding this feature since it was announced a few weeks ago and have already pushed out updates or announcements about planned integrations. 

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