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So-called Google "Backup and Sync" Integration

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Can Evernote see, edit, download, and permanently delete my Google contacts?  I don't recall seeing such a 'scary' warning before from Googoo, the company that (as we all know) "does no evil."  I was shocked to see a message onscreen saying this. It happened while trying to explore Google's "Backup and Sync," which seems to be their favored way of accessing Google Drive these days.

Before I could even view Google Drive, "Backup and Sync" wanted me to first go over some Google "Account stuff" including reviewing and either deleting or approving third party companies to whom I've given various Google Account access permissions. These include Evernote and Linkedin. 

Why such a draconian message?  Does anyone have insight into what's going on here? 

  • Would Evernote really do this?  And, if so, why?
  • Or is Google using just an abundance of caution? 
  • Or is Googoo engaging in a bit of scare-mongering for ulterior reasons?
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Hi.  Google has been having a bit of a security purge in the last few weeks - it does keep on reminding me that I should review my choices and exclude what it calls 'insecure apps' from access to my account information.  There is no suggestion that any of the apps it lists are insecure in themselves,  or likely to see or edit existing information.  I'd imagine that (amongst anything else) they're insulating themselves from any accusations from users that Google should have protected their data better in the event of loss or damage.  If you don't do what they recommend,  any subsequent issue becomes your problem.

You didn't exactly mention what the message you saw said,  but provided you have a secure password,  2-factor sign-ins and check through the list of third-party software to delete any you don't currently use,  you're as secure as anything can be online these days.

(I still recommend you keep the world domination plans offline and in a locked drawer though...)

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