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Does IOS13's Dark Mode work on Evernote?



If so, it's not working for me. Ever since the new IOS update I see my note title but not it's content on my iphone; When I look on my desktop the content is there but for some reason it's not showing up on my phone. (BTW, if I turn the Dark Mode button on I'll see my content.) I'm really excited to have a true Dark Mode on Evernote.


Thanks for any info you can share.

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Can you specify what you mean by „not working“ ?

It works for me, on iPad and iPhone. There are 2 things that will not convert: The preview thumbnails, and any document attached like a pdf. These bring their own set of brightness data. But this is the same in other apps - in fotos you will not see the picture taken in bright sunlight suddenly in night mood etc.

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