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Google Drive Integration Issue - Please Advise


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Hi~ I just signed up for the premium Evernote in effort to go paperless and compile my resources, and immediately experienced difficulty seamlessly integrating my spreadsheets, docs, etc from Google Drive. The triangle Google Drive button is not on my editing toolbar. During my brief search re: this issue, I'm discouraged to see multiple complaints re: this glitch, dating to over a year ago, to no resolution. One user sent another hail mary complaint as recent as August 2019, and this seems to have gone unanswered with the bug apparently still existing. Sure, I can save docs/spreadsheets on my desktop and integrate them into my Evernote notes, but it seems like an archaic, inefficient work around, which is frustrating to experience on a tool that advertises increased efficiency and organization. Please advise or provide an update on the Google Drive integration difficulty. Thank you!

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33 minutes ago, LFK said:

provide an update on the Google Drive integration difficulty.

Hi.  I don't think there's a known difficulty - I use the link and it's fine for me on Android and Windows;  what's your OS?  (If you quite other users' issues,  it's always good to quote the link to that specific post too.)

In general the Google drive integration is (IMHO) a dressed up version of something I can also do with DropBox, OneDrive and any other cloud drive you can name.  If you can send a direct link to a file to yourself or another person,  you can embed that link in an Evernote note and open the file from the note.  With the Google feature you get a direct link to the server and a more stylish icon;  and that's about it.  Not much to go wrong in the first place.

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