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On 9/19/2019 at 7:46 AM, salgud said:

I have attempted to add a new tag by just assigning it to a one new note several times, but it’s not happening. I’m guessing there’s a new “trick”?

The discussion has been moved to the IOS forum

I add new tags using info > Add Tag, my EN and IOS version information is listed below936B6B62-0217-4C7C-B97D-8F307C5122F0.jpeg.42afb2ffdf9214e5bc9b9453e722c5ce.jpeg

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1 hour ago, salgud said:

Any users have any ideas?

I've posted a screenshot of adding a tag to a note on my device. 

Is it possible for you to post a screenshot to show what's not working for you.  It would be more useful than just posting it "doesn't work".  Also identify your Evernote and OS version


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