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lost everything



Hi all , 

in the free plan we have 2 free device, today after the windows installation i removed one device to add the new device , and now i see that all my notes are deleted and it seems i have totally new account , no more notes also in the web version , how is possibile ? can i recover them ? please help this is a real pain for me. can some one tell me that evernote do not save notes on cloud ?


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Assuming your first device was Windows, your notes are located in C:\Users\username\Evernote\Databases\, in a file with the extension .exb.

Backup that file to a safe place first, then either copy it to the same directory in your new device (if a Windows machine), or try reinstalling Evernote in your original device.

If one of your new devices is neither Windows nor Mac, then going back to Windows is probably the only way to get back your notes, at least for free. 

If nothing else works, at least some of your notes should still be saved in your note history, which is only visible to Premium subscribers.

If you succeed in getting your notes back, pay close attention to the "Sync" field in the note list, it should be clear after a sync.  A dot means a note is not synced.

Also, check https://www.evernote.com/Devices.action for all your devices currently registered, you may need to remove some.

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18 hours ago, kazem said:

it seems i have totally new account

Is it possible that you created a new account; it's easy to do

Make sure you're using the correct userid/password

>>now i see that all my notes are deleted

Deleted notes can be viewed in the Trash, and restores

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