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(Archived) multiuser shared notebooks

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We are currently running an academic exercise in using shared Evernote 2.2 notebooks, based on a shared sync. file. This works very well and we would like to progress the concept to use the online service. Are there any plans to allow shared private notebooks to enable multiuser interaction with Evernote?

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We have medium-term plans to introduce read-only private sharing, so you could share a notebook with a small number of friends/colleagues so that only they can read it.

We have longer-term plans for collaboration, so that you could share a notebook with a few people who would be able to edit and create notes there. This feature introduces issues of conflict resolution, versioning, and tracking which are a little bit involved, so it will be a few months before we tackle this.

In the short term, if you were working closely together, you could all log in to the same account (and use clients that sync to the same account). The service should be able to handle different clients creating notes at the same time without any troubles, although it will need to report a conflict if two clients try to edit the same note at the same time, and then try to sync their changes. The first submitted edit will be saved into the account, and the second client will receive a conflict and will have to reconcile the differences between the two notes.


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Just to say that we have been using Evernote as engberg suggested within a 6 person team and it works like a charm - even across platforms and mobile devices.

However, we do find that some form of versioning would be HUGELY appreciated as occasionally someone deletes a portion of a note, it syncs and we have lost info forever.

Thanks for all the hard work, Evernote team, and please push that versioning forward.


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