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How to change the language of the desktop app



I downloaded the app in my MacBook and it's in English and the spell checker is constantly changing all the words I write (I write in Spanish). I really don't mind the fact that's in English but I can't take notes in class because when I look at it afterwards, it doesn't make sense. Please help me :'((

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Hi.  I'm not a Mac user but Evernote usually uses the language that the system preferences are set to.  If that's already Spanish,  you may be able to change the spellcheck language in Preferences.  Other than that I have no clue,  sorry.  There are others around who do know what they're talking about though - they can correct me if I'm wrong.  ;)

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Hi Marta! I had the same problem, since I like to have my system lenguage in english but I write sometimes in Spanish. You can add Spanish as a recognition lenguage in your Account info>> Personal Settings>> Recognition Lenguage and add Español there, without changing anything else. I did that but still didn't work though, maybe it takes a little time to update. I hope this helps.

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