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Help with Backup please

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After a PC scare yesterday I thought I had lost everything in Evernote and now realise how much help the notes are to me. I'm a photographer and use Evernote for my locations with the help of images.

Can anyone please help with how to back up Evernote so that if I do get a problem, I can restore my notes back to Evernote?

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If you have your notes in online notebooks (not local ones), all of your data is automatically saved to the EN cloud server. It can always be rebuild from there. To the same device, or in case you get a new one, there as well. Because you are on BASIC, you will just have to fiddle with the 2-devices-limit. So if you use another device already, you first have to de-authorize the old one before you can load the new one. Or go for Premium for one month, and have no limitation for this time.

For local notebooks you have to care yourself. If you run a normal Backup do your PC, your EN files will be saved with this copy as well. If you want to make a Backup just for the EN data, locate your database folder and save this. This will save all, local and online notebooks at a time.

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I moved the post to the General Discussions forum.

As per @PinkElephant, Evernote is a cloud service, with our data maintained on the Evernote servers
(except for notebooks designated as Local).  
After synchronization, the data on our devices is just an offline copy.  
Evernote is responsible for backup of the server data 

For note versions, Evernote maintains a Note History backup
(access to the data is a paid account feature)

Some users also maintain personal backups.  There are various options:

  • Backup the entire database using conventional file backups
  • Backup the note data using Evernote's export feature
    • enex or html format
    • full or incremental
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6 hours ago, Crewood said:

how do I tell if my notebooks are "Local"?

I've attached a sceenshot of the notebook page from my Mac101194484_ScreenShot2019-09-14at05_50_06.png.3fac38faf4cb4d34507324312c5d5cd1.png
Someone else will post the Windows version

It's a disgnation assigned when notebooks are created; default is online notebooks

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Basically all of your notebooks are server based as a default, unless you do not actively set them to „local“.

All local notebooks only exist on a desktop client. Even if you run more than one desktop client, the are never shared between them.

On the mobile clients, one can set a notebook to „offline“. But this only means it will be completely available without internet connection. Local notebooks are not supported by the mobile clients.

So all notebooks you can see on a mobile client are server based, never „local“.

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