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Shortcut Bar, Drop Down Menus with Sub Menus



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3 hours ago, RavBoy said:

I was about to ask about the ability to simply shorten or edit the characters of my existing shortcuts, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible

Use a shortcut to a saved search - you can name  it anything you want

For example, I have a shortcut to a search called HotNotes   tag:HotNotes

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8 hours ago, RavBoy said:

Of course! cheers

You can also put an ! on the front of any oft used saved searches.  Then they float to the top in the left panel.  With left panel open close everything but saved searches and there they are.  Left panel closed click on the looking glass and there they are, though a shorter list.  Personally I keep the left panel closed for the additional real estate for the list and note panels.  FWIW.

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Hey @RgaDawg yeah I picked up on your tip above, not long ago, then lost it, now thanks to you got it again, cheers, will implement now, along with @CalS Tips on using saved-searches-shortcuts for todo-reminders plus ability to edit shortcut labels to as few/many characters as required and described by @DTLow

Another tip... instead of adding/drafting saved searches, and search syntax manually, in order to be able to later add and then edit them as shortcuts, just click the note/notebook/stack > then whilst they are highlighted, go to 'Saved searches', click the '+' icon and the search syntax is filled in automatically, leaving the job of labelling as required.

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