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Cannot paste in Android app

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I have used Evernote from the beginning. I've been a paying user for years. I'm desperate to get the android app paste function working again. I haven't been able to paste anything for months. Support keep wanting all kinds of things like screen capture videos. They won't show the problem. They can't show my gestures etc. 

Does anyone take such problems seriously?  It happens across my android devices. I can't be the only one.  

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I don't have any problems pasteing in the app (Android 10, Evernote app 8.9.1) but I can imagine that there are problems like yours that are real, but hard to document. Please share your OS and Android version info. Maybe you can get a friend to shoot video over your shoulder while you reproduce the problem, that way they could see your gestures.

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@yveclark, welcome to the forums. I'm sorry to say it, but saying "paste doesn't work" may not be enough information for the support people to track down the issue, since it evidently is not widespread and might be dependent on specific circumstances. It's sort of liking taking your car to the shop and saying "It doesn't start." They're going to want to know details about the battery, the time and temperature, etc. I had to download the screenshot app to report a problem a couple of months ago. It was kind of a pain, but apparently it did give them info they could use. The screenshot video will in fact show when you press an area in the text and select Paste, for instance. At any rate, you won't get anywhere until you send them the screenshot.

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Ok. I understand.  I did do it as asked. It doesn't show anything. I've watched it. Frustrating. They have gone quiet on me now. I have 3 different devices all doing the same thing. Different versions of android and different apps on them all.

If I could get one of them working it wouldn't be so bad. 

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