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Prevent auto-correction in code blocks

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Hello.  I want to use Evernote for documenting technical issues, and I frequently need to type a double hyphen for shell commands.  Every time I do this, it auto-corrects to a single long hyphen character.  I can prevent this by turning off the auto format setting, but this also disables many other things.  I like having the bullets, etc.  Ideally it should disable all auto-corrects only when you're typing inside a code block.  I guess this is a feature request.

Also, is there some way to quickly do monospaced formatting on a single word without making a code block?  Similar to the grave ` character in Markdown.

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I am testing this application to store my programming notes and how to's for work.  Code blocks, or code in general, is synonymous with altered spelling, double hyphens, and non capitalization, not just monospaced blocks of texts.  The code block feature seems incongruent with its purpose and adds more time to storing notes because I have to come up with ways to undo all of the autoformatting.

I'd like to also suggest that code blocks remain outside the auto formatting or auto correcting features.

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