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Text disappears when typing during autosync

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I have a months-long problem where the text I am typing disappears as I type.

I am typing in Japanese where (as with other non-alphabetical languages) you have to type in the phonetics of the phrase in a qwerty keyboard, hit space to find the correct expression you are looking for, and then hit enter to confirm and move on to the next phrase.

Usually the input goes fine, but at one point I notice that the phrase that I just typed in just magically disappears once I hit Enter to confirm. I retype the same sentence again, hit enter, and it disappears again.

Soon I noticed that it does this when the note is (auto)syncing. The issue gets fixed once the sync finishes, but every time I have to wait 10+ seconds for the sync to finish, which takes so much away from my productivity and focus.

This has been going on for months now and is so annoying. I am a 7 yrs+ long Evernote user and don't remember this issue happening for the bulk of my experience.


Note: I am using Evernote for Mac Version 7.12




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