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Evernote Business User EN user since inception Migrating To Apple Notes

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Just wanted to say i truly loved Evernote, ( My team Primarily uses iPad Pros and thats how EN is engaged 24-7)  however the slow updates to improve the quality of the iPad Pro app and lack of answering the needs on Evernote Business ( Table Implementation on the iPad Pro is beyond horrible from desktop, for Pete sake the Apple Watch can record Audio in Evernote but not play it in its own player 🤦🏽‍♂️  ) is just becoming to much to deal with. As a team we loved EN possibility, its powerful ability to have everything in one app quick and simple and easy to share with spaces in teams. But every time we attempt to go all in the shortcomings of the platforms lack of updates arise. We are big users of workchat in spaces but its so horrid and a siloed section in the app ( not floating chat and not one that has a note/space ability on the fly ) sharing a space with clients is just insanity. We are huge Apple Pencil users for note taking and wanted to share those notes on the fly while editing them no matter where we are ...Evernotes Apple Pencil implementation is probably the worst i have seen. No lined pages no forever note taking and some of the worst ink i have seen to write down notes on lines i have seen since the iPad was released. The lack of refinement is the issue. Yes i see the videos of whats coming but its been years of these problems and at best we got Dark Mode???

Penultimate become a dead product not being updated for years. 

Apple Watch App is broken ( cannot play audio even captured from its own player )

Spaces hasn’t had a update to how you communicate with teams ( floating chat ) making it easier to share spaces and notes

Seeing updates of peers in spaces is horrible no notifications no understanding of who’s on what they did. 

Apple Pencil support terrible, no lined pages option and infinite page writing ability ( why differ to anything app when this can just be added just to want to sync back with Evernote)

Slow , Slow, Slow 

Table support on the iPad Pro is the WORST. Want to create a table .....horrible want to edit a table created on the Mac..on the iPad Pro. It’s probably the worst experience I have seen and its not even scaled to the resolution of the iPad Pro when attempting to edit a table. Just a lack of interest in user experience. 


Evernote has been a long standing fight for wanting updates from me. Now with the new Apple Notes update paying for Evernote business is becoming a chore for my team wanting these updates primarily utilizing iPad Pros to conduct business. We did a test iteration with the current notes and when the nested folders come with iPad OS along with the support for all the above mentioned and real time iCloud editing on shared notes with the team. Apple Pencil lined paged support etc OCR support etc. We just couldn't understand why Evernote waited this long to add more value. 


From a long time Evernote user for years and 6 business users in spaces migrating our thousands of notes as we speak to Apple Notes i bid you farewell and please update the damn iPad Pro app for future users. 

Stay Classy Elephant. 




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