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Can I set Evernote iOS camera scan for JPG only, not PNG?

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When I scan documents within Evernote, sometimes the scans come back as JPG, sometimes as PNG. I much prefer JPG because when I crop the scans in Evernote (or in Preview), weird things happen to PNG - I'll crop an image in half, for example, and yet the file size will double.

So is there a way to set Evernote to scan and make only JPG files, not PNG files?


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When you use the scanner of the EN app itself, I do not know a possibility to influence the picture format.

When you use the Scannable-Apüp with EN, you can switch between pdf and picture. I just do not know if it will set the format as well, or will always shoot in jpeg.

Personally I use the app Scanner Pro by readdle for my scans. There you can choose between pdf and jpeg. It has workflows that allow to import the scan directly into EN, including a target-notebook and some standard tags for the workflow. By creating a handful of workflows, I pretty much cover most of my scanning.

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