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A lock symbol turned into an image

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I have a really big issue with evernote app on my PC that I can't manage to fix. 

I have several encrypted notes. I wanted to unlock one of them when I realized the lock simply turned into a jpg. When I try to click on the lock to enter my password, there is a zoom-in option instead. 

It only happens with one note. See .gif attached.

How can I fix that ? 

Thanks for any help you could bring. 


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12 hours ago, Gaetan Popsell said:

How can I fix that ? 

It is easy, too easy, to accidentally highlight and type over the encryption symbol.  It would appear you did that, I have done it before.  Only recovery methods are to retrieve the note from a personal backup or to use the note history feature of EN.  That feature is available only to premium subscribers.  You can subscribe for a month to get the note back if you like.

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