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Chrome Mobile Not Clipping Full Article

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For example, this article here https://medium.com/@favianpua/how-i-studied-and-passed-the-jlpt-n2-49206c27629e

When I clip from mobile (share–>evernote — either full article or not full article)  it only shows the first couple paragraphs in Evernote application.

I hop on over to my Mac Evernote desktop application and confirm it's only showing 2 paragraphs..

I then revisit the same website through chrome on my Mac, use the chrome extension to clip the full article, and it does a perfect job. Clipping the full article or simplified, all work 100% well.


Why is it such a different experience on mobile? I feel like this is happening a lot but this article is my only (non) working example at the moment.

Thanks, Evernote Support!

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Hi.  This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum,  not Evernote Support.

Clipping / Sharing content is not an exact science,  and sometimes it's possible to do a great deal more on a desktop than you can on a mobile.  That's just a factor of different levels of connectivity and connection speed.  If it happens a lot you may have an issue,  but if this is just an occasional matter it's just life. 

Unless anyone else here has a better suggestion you could report it to Evernote via Twitter and @EvernoteHelps - I'd suggest you add your 'phone and OS plus a few URLs that have been a problem.

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