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Last modification time lost when moving notes


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Today I use the web client to organize (move) all my notes into different notebooks. When I finished, I found that the modification time of all my notes become today.

This is unacceptable for me. I can't find my notes by timeline any more. For example, I can't list all my travel plans in 2017.

I tried moving notes on my Android phone, and the modification time doesn't change at all. I think this is a bug of the web client.

How can I recover all the modification time of my notes? Is there a way, such as, rollback all my notes to yesterday?


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Most of the more experienced users around here have local backups for situations like this,  though backing up is not an option on either web or mobile accounts as yet - unless you use a third party online backup. Moving a note from one notebook to another kills its history too (you've changed the note UI),  so I don't think there's a 'roll back' situation remaining - but don't give up hope yet.  You're a subscriber,  and it's mainly just us users supporting the forums here,  so you really should contact Support on this.  If nothing  else it will draw their attention to a potential design flaw that I hadn't thought of until now either.

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17 hours ago, zzh said:

I can't find my notes by timeline any more. For example, can't list all my travel plans in 2017.

You still have Created Date

You may want to use a different strategy for storing Subject Date
- For example, I prefix the title with the date 
- There is an actual Subject Date field, but I find it difficult to access

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