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Why is sharing not working?


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I am confused as to why I am unable to share either a notebook or a note with another person.  I'd appreciate any insight.

There are two free accounts.  One on Mac.  Another on Windows.  (Although the symptom is also on the web.). The Mac account is linked to a Live email account.  The Windows uses Gmail.  (if this matters.). I create a notebook, right click on the notebook name, click on Share, enter the Gmail account, and nothing on the Gmail account end.  I create a note, right click on the note, click on Share, enter the Gmail account,  and nothing on the Gmail account end.

Shouldn't the Gmail account end somehow see or get notified that the note is there somewhere within the Evernote instance whether it be within the client or website?  What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


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DTLow: Thank you.  I must admit that I was ignorant of Work Chat.  Now that I am not, I see the attempts to share showing up in the chat window.  However, the turnaround time is slow to say the least.  And now I need to learn the rules...ie - I see I can share a note from an unshared notebook.  Thanks for shedding some light on my situation.

gazumped: Thank you.  One of the accounts was indeed a new one.  And I was trying to share immediately after creating the new account.  Now that the grace period (so to speak is over) I am seeing the sharing transactions through the Work Chat window.  Thanks for the scoop.


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In addition, you can share an open Link that can be accessed using a browser without having Evernote. And you can share via E-Mail.

I use the share function as well to get links created in my task manager (Things 3). The task is controlled in Things (like recurring reminders etc.), and by a simple click on the sharing link I can always open the corresponding EN note with all the details. Very slick !

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