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Evernote running very high CPU rate

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Right before I updated my iOS (I'm running Mojave), Evernote was running at such a high CPU that it shut the rest of my applications down (it was at a high of 390+).  After the software update, it seems to have calmed down, but does anyone know what was causing this?  Is it a recurring problem I should take steps to address?

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On my Mac Mini, at rest, Evernote registers a very low CPU %

It does spike depending on activity; but never that high/long  

This is not a CPU intensive application.  

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On my MacBookPro (2018, i7) it never goes on more than below 10% CPU.

If it repeats high CPU usage, there is probably something wrong with the installation.

First measure would be to sync, then do a complete uninstall, using something like AppCleaner, then shut the Mac down, restart, reinstall using the app from the EN website (not from the AppStore) and reload the data from the EN server.

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