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Chrome bookmarks to Evernote




so I am looking at this problem again after some time, but it look like it still doesnt have proper way to accomplish.

All I want is just export my bookmarks from Chrome bookmarks and import them in Evernote. 
Of course! I dont want have them all copied as text in one note. Of course I need them separated as notes and of course I need them in separated folders = notebooks as they are in Chrome.

So. Is there any normal, proper, non-programming, non-git-*****, non-python-I-must compile-god-know-how way to do this? 

If not its a big big .... BIG minus of Evernote.

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No way that I know of. You'd need to figure out a way to split up the bookmark HTML export into separate notebooks/notes on your own. Personally, I think that this would be a pretty crazy usage of Evernote, notwithstanding the fact that Evernote's flat notebook organizational scheme can't model the bookmark hierarchy anyways.

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14 hours ago, Guigui said:

I would guess that the flat notes structure (X-dimension) could be compensated with the flexible tags feature (Y-dimension). I have far too many Chrome bookmarks and would like to transfer them in bulk to Evernote.

Hi, and welcome to the forums. I'm just curious about how you would use the Chrome bookmarks in Evernote--would they be one bookmark per note, with the notes organized in notebooks corresponding to their organization in Chrome, or all in one notebook and tagged for structure? Would each note just consist of the site name followed by the link, e.g.: Evernote forums     https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/? Or would it have a static clip of the site in the note?

I'm struggling to see the usefulness of this, so I'd be interested to hear of your plan. FWIW, I've got a decades-long collection of bookmarks in Opera myself.

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A third-party solution is called Booknote Importer but only for Mac. I too have thousands of bookmarks I would like to have converted individually to notes, not in bulk. The nested tagging should compensate for the flatness of the Notebooks structure. See: https://www.addictivetips.com/mac-os/booknote-importer-save-bookmarks-to-an-evernote-notebook-mac/#:~:text=Booknote Importer is a free,signing into Evernote's web interface.

Evernote: please rush the solution for Windows, is there a place to vote in order to generate attention?

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@CalS @mosaicxThe goal is only to store the web addresses, pretty much the way webclipper does it. I would not mind losing hierarchy so long as each level in Chrome bookmarks is given a tag. For example a bookmar nested below Used car dealers>Zip code 23100 would be given both tags (Used car... and Zip...). Of course, if the hierarchy were to be inherited in the form of nested tags, all the better. Even more so if content were stored too. On the other dimension, I did not think about whether each address would become an entire new Notebook or a Note. I would prefer the latter, you can then move it to the Notebook of your preference.

Any news, Evernote?

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