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evernote for mac download

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6 hours ago, Bala murali said:

we know that evernote is the best online notes platform to create the notes and sync the files.

ever note is best notes taking for both windows and mac .

I think Evernote is the best solution as a digital filing cabinet.
I store all my notes and documents in Evernote

However I think there are better editors and devices for note-taking.  
I use the Evernote editor for basic notes; dedicated editors for serious work

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44 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

unless it is handwritten on the iPad. For this it sucks, and I use GoodNotes 5.

For note-taking on an iPad, I use the Notability app; with an Apple Pencil

I save the document in Evernote as a file attachment

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Yes, Notability is another good option, especially with the direct safe ability to EN.

I just like the look and feel of GN5, the very good handwriting OCR and - NEW  - they now have a presentation mode. Excellent not only for using the iPad as a sort of whiteboard, but as well to explain something on screen, and take a video from it on the fly, just showing what was handwritten, not all the other stuff onscreen. I like to do Mindmaps by hand - can’t wait to test this feature.

I wish other apps (not to mention any ...) would evolve so dynamically !

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