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Future of Evernote looks bright, but ...

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I've read they're unifying the cross-platform development, which *can* certainly be a good thing. However I really hope they won't use Electron or some other bloated framework for this. I've tried Nimbus Notes which uses Electron for their "native" Mac client. It uses 750 MB of memory (...). I refuse to use bloated apps. That would be a huge motivation to look further.

I really like Evernote. For me it's the best note app I know; believe me I've tried them all. I really hope it will stay a real native app for every platform.

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I suspect that is where things are going - not just in Evernote, but in many apps. I somewhat agree with you, but consider it as a business decision: Electron makes it easy to target multiple platforms and allows the many web developers familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript to write desktop apps. As a frequent Linux user, I also appreciate that Electron is making it easier for commercial applications to be published for Linux. Your options for many apps may actually be "Electron or nothing at all."

Evernote's present/previous state serves as a good example of what can happen when there's a native client for every platform: inconsistency and slow development.

Have you used the new Evernote web beta? It's pretty slick, and I feel I'd be willing to trade some RAM and battery life for rearrangable bullet points. I know it could be done in a native application, but how many years went by where Evernote didn't? Only Evernote knows for sure, but it seems likely to me that the development effort only became worth it when the time spent on such a feature would only be needed once, then could apply to all their platforms.

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