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dated note entries autoamtically



dated note entries autoamtic on notebook and phone.

currently you press shift  + cmd + d to manually insert date before a new line inside a note.

I suggestg making it an option in settings, with search and filter functionality

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9 hours ago, eriksh7 said:

dated note entries autoamtically...with search and filter functionality

Notes are dated automatically with metadata creation date and modification date

These are search/filter parameters

Text within a note is indexed automatically and can be searched 

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Thanks for the reply! i didnt know about the filters parameters !


Let me elaborate, imagine if you want to have a note that acts as a daily or weekly diary, and you want to see your entries inside that note.
what i'm thinking is either have this as a setting/option, or have it as a type of document ( as in when you add new, and you get a list of a note or reminder or etc. one of them can be a diary or something.

The end result would look like this:



dd/mm/yy: This is a dated note entry, sort of like a diary

dd/mm/yy: i just had a great idea, now because of this new feature, i know when that line was written

dd/mm/yy: I could just create a new notebook called diary and add new notes everytime i need a new line - that way metadata is accurate...but that would be a hell of a notebook ;)


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