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What has happened to the Evernote thumbnail?

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I have noticed over the last several months that the graphic for the Evernote Windows app thumbnail has disappeared.  I wanted to put the Evernote app on my task bar, but don't like that I can't tell what it is.  Anyone else have this issue?


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Hi.  Have you tried creating another shortcut to Evernote and dragging it to the task bar?  This hasn't happened to me,  but it just looks like that file in your Windows Icon store has become corrupted.  Just create another one and delete the faulty item from the task bar.

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27 minutes ago, JLPritchard said:

I just installed Evernote on a new computer.  I thought the new install would fix the problem, but it's the same as it was on my old computer.

Pretty sure it's your installation,  not Evernote.  How did you install Evernote,  and what's your device running which version of Windows?

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