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(Archived) Motorola Charm running android 2.1 not able to install?


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I'm running Android version 2.1 and I can't seem to download Evernote from the martketplace (or transfer through BT from another android phone) to my new Motorola Charm. Is there a compatibility issue with the screen size or something else with device that makes Evernote not usable on it?

Any ideas?

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BTW I've been a loyal Evernote user for a few years now and just went premium a few months back. Not sure if that will get a fix out any faster, but I'd figure I'd try. ;)

I think I'm going through withdraw, I've been emailing myself notes from Evernote just so I can have the super important info on my mobile. I'd hate for this to be a show stopper for my Evernote use on my mobile.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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That worked like a charm, thank so much for the help and the quick response! There were a few bugs on the button placement with the phone sideways (damn, tiny screen) but in normal mode I'm fully back in business. Thanks again!

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