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(Archived) How do I make a search with AND & OR

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Generally speaking, I believe that the answer is "no". From the Evernote Windows client help PDF:

Evernote’s search grammar is a simple list of terms which are evaluated within a notebook (or all notebooks) to

find a match. By default, the search results are the intersection of the notes that match each individual search

term. This behavior changes if the "any:" modifier is found in the search. In this case, the search is executed as a

union of the matches of the individual terms, and notes will be returned that match any of the criteria terms.

However, in the example you gave, searching for 'martin' and 'ok' should turn up a match fo rwhat you want, though it might also turn up notes containing 'martin' and either ('ok4' or 'okay' or 'oklahoma', etc.)


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