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Instructions for "Customize toolbar"



I recommend that the instructions below each "Customize toolbar" box clarify that, when adding an icon, one must drag it to a VERY SPECIFIC LOCATION. That possibility never occurred to me; I had been dragging the icon to an open area on the toolbar (which, as you guys already know, doesn't ever work). 

For the in-note toolbar (the smaller one), the icon must be dragged over the "info circle." For the larger toolbar, the icon must be dragged to the left of the star. Instructions might also state that the icon will show a "+" sign when it has been dragged to the correct location.

Also, as a minor point, the larger toolbar is referred to as "the" toolbar. Therefore, it took me a while to realize that were actually two of them.

This silly issue was a thorn in my side for a couple of days. Thanks for providing a place to get this idea recorded and this minor frustration vented.


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