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Images cropped in card view option

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When I choose card view in the images the picture that shown in the square is cropped ant not the whole picture.

Please can you advice how to fix it ? What Is the Image Resolution needed to see pictures not cropped in card view ?




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Those issues are usually caused by the html in the clipped note. To generate the card views (and other views that use the actual note content), those notes are rendered into an html control. What's happening is that the original html is adjusting for the smaller size.

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On 8/23/2019 at 7:24 AM, Adeebk said:

Thanks so what I should do to see the whole picture in the card view and not the cropped image ? What is the solution or the workaround ?

None that I know it. Maybe use the Thumbnail view instead? (and wait - I just switched to it and it takes a while to generate the images)

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