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When will Evernote release the New beta with the new editor for Mac?


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I've been holding off a switch to Bear and/or Dropbox Paper for months in anticipation of this editor update. My patience has run out. 

For years they've been cluttering the apps up with excess features while ignoring basic stuff that other note-taking software has introduced. Initially, Evernote's success killed Info Select for Windows, which had become cluttered with features nobody wanted, now they're inflicting the same fate upon themselves.

Less is more!

The only thing Evernote does better than the competition is tags. What about markdown? It's hard to understand why they'd ignore such a popular new facility.

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1 hour ago, Mistywindow said:

What about markdown?

The primary markdown discussion is here
Evernote has implemented an enml/html format base, instead of markdown
Of course a note can contain files of any format.  I use the Typora markdown editor on my Mac, and store the .md files in Evernote as note attachments

>>Less is more!

And yet, you seem to be requesting more

One of my favourite design concepts; from Dieter Rams thru Jony Ive (Apple)
Also a shout out for Mies van der Rohe, an architech who designed the first office buildings I worked in; black monolyths like a set of giant iPhones

>>The only thing Evernote does better than the competition is tags.

I'll add my vote for Tags
Also, cross-platform clients, cloud/device sync, note links, search, import/export, scripting (Mac) ...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Has anyone seen any new info about when the common editor will make it to Mac (and iOS/other platforms)?  I really like the interface of the web editor, especially checkboxes vs. check lists and different color highlights... It would great to see this come out of beta or get any sort of ETA on when they plan to implement this "important" feature.  They have promoted this as the first step towards allowing them to make some other improvements across platforms and it has been a while...

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