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Expand/Collapse Stacks in Web Clipper -for Chrome?

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I'm using a EN-desktop app on Windows 10 laptop... and clip using EN-Web Clipper extension for Chrome

I have loads of stacks, 20+, and notebooks, 200+.

When using the Clipper, and after selecting 'clipping format', the next clipping field is 'organization'. I click the down-arrow on this field to reveal the search box, and also to show all my stacks/notebooks.  Most of the time I already know the notebook I wish to clip to, and just start entering the name in the search field to easily find/select it... but sometimes I scroll through the list, through a long list... so my question is, is there anyway to have this list populate, or be shown as a rolled-up/collapsed Stack view?

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Hello, thanks for your question. To clarify, do you mean the collapsed Stack View like this? If so, this is already a feature. Please let us know if it's not working. 



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