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(Archived) Implementing Do It Tomorrow on Mac Beta

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I am new to Evernote on the Mac, but have been very impressed so far. I currently use Journler, and have a system set up for implementing the Do It Tomorrow system, with a bit of GTD thrown in. But I can't seem to get one part of it working easily in Evernote.

Currently, I tag all of my tasks with @cl, @cp, @er, @hm etc., and have a Category of Task. Then I use a smart folder, like a saved search, to bring in each task by context. Finally, I have two more smart folders, one for Today and one for This Week. I tag all of the tasks I want to do today with a flag with -L, and all of the tasks I want to do this week with a certain color. Finally, when I am done with a task I "check" it with a -L to check it off.

In Evernote, I have all of the context tags, and can mark tasks with the checkmark. But I haven't found an easy way to pull in tasks for Today and This Week easily. I was thinking I could add tags for Today and This Week, but I can't easily add and delete them with a keystroke.

Before I start my system, I wanted to see if anyone with more Evernote experience had any suggestions.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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