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Claim the amount of the Premium account that has not been used

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Hi. My name is Ernesto. I am a registered Evernote user since 2009. In 2013, I became an Evernote Premium user. I paid the last annual fee for my premium subscription on August 5, 2019 through PayPal.

Some time ago I was informed that my Vodafone email account (the one I used in the Evernote subscription) would expire in a few months, so I decided to change it to a new one (from gmail). When I changed the email, I accidentally deactivated my Evernote account, which lost all my notes. To recover them I had to reactivate my old account. However, I lost the newly paid Premium subscription (August 5). Since I needed to use different devices, among other things, and since the different Evernote support emails were not answered, I decided to benefit from a subscription with a 40% discount in the confidence that I would be reimbursed the amount previously paid or that I would recognize that I had already paid that amount 2 weeks before. However, it has not been like that. I am currently trying to enter support and send an email to Evernote, but I am not allowed access through the web and Evernote does not respond to my emails. What can I do to claim the amount of the Premium account that has not been used? Thank you.

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