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Note flashes/not staying while playing audios

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when i click to play an audio(attachments), it will not stay at the current page, but instead, it flashes or jump to other pages, this is a serious issue, please fix it!

anyone having the same issue?

ps. evernote for android

os: Android 9.0.1

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  • Evernote Staff*


Welcome to the forums. Is this a recording that you created in Evernote for Android? Are you able to DM me a screen recording where I can take a better look? 

1. Download AZ Screen Recorder on your device (free) from the Google Play Store
2. Open the AZ Screen Recorder application and press the home button on your screen
3. Open the Evernote application and press the shutter/camera icon in the AZ Screen Recorder tool bar
4. Reproduce the issue 
5. Stop recording once done by pulling down from the top of the Android screen and tapping **Stop**
6. Share the video to either Youtube as an Unlisted video or through a cloud storage option (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
7. Provide the link to the uploaded video


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