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Automatically Adding a Note to a Google Calendar event

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I am looking for an extension/pplug-in for desktop such that when I create a new calendar item in Google Calendar, it asks me/let's me create a Note in Evernote with the meeting title, date/time, etc.I have seen a few options where it creates a note for every calendar appointment, but I do not want that. Bonus points if the new note can be a template (e.g. an agenda format) 



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Hi.  Windows or Mac?  Scripting (not an Evernote feature) can accomplish a lot on a Mac. 

In Evernote that duality - of creating a note and an appointment with the same details - is not an option.  In Windows you may be able to find a third-party app to link the two - IFTTT,  Filterize or Jotform or Zapier forinstance.  

This article is a little old (2016) but seems to describe exactly what you want... https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/sync-google-calendar-evernote

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