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Evernote (WIN) keeps locking up

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Evernote (308626) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) keeps locking up and I have to kill all Windows processes for Evernote to be able to re-open it.   

This happens several times a day.    The previous had its own problems forcing me to go back to   I guess I have to revert again until Evernote gets their act together.



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Are you running EN on a HDD or a SSD ?

Many complains in the forum are related to run EN on a spinning disk drive. With the current level of SSD prices, and the massive gain in performance, there should be no discussion about replacing the primary disk by a SSD. Speeding up EN is the least gain from this, everything will run much faster.

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You may also check this thread, way down to the bottom:


There seem to be a few folders where files can accumulate. This seems to make the Windows app unresponsive. The files in there are not needed. When erasing them, EN performance is said to improve significantly.

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