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View Left Panel Unresponsive to F10 or Menu>View

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I normally have a multi-monitor display setup, where my 4K Win10 laptop, projects to an additional 2 other 1920 x 1080 screens.  

But right now I'm using the laptop just on its own, whilst working from my lounge.  However I've noticed, that the 'View Left Panel' options, normally toggled on/off via pressing F10 shortcut key (fn+F10 keys on my laptop), or navigating to Menu>View> and clicking 'Left Panel' works fine in the beginning of each session, but then after some time becomes unresponsive and just stops working!?

It happened both yesterday and today, with the only fix that appears to restore it, is to connect my laptop back up to my normal multi-monitor setup. 

Strangely, all other keyboard shortcuts, like F9 to Sync, or F11 to View Notes List, or using the mouse to select these via the app menu works fine... it's just F10 View Left Panel that stops working!

Maybe this is a buggy Windows 10 thing. I have no idea what is happening, anyone else experience this or know how to fix? cheers 

I'm using EN-for-Windows (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)


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I have exactly this problem, with a multi-monitor setup also. My laptop screen easily has enough width to display the left panel, but even registry editing of the left panel visibility and width won't let it display. It does return when I attach the other monitor, ironically on the same laptop screen (now acting as a secondary monitor) where it refuses to show when on its own!

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Weird right? ...and like I said, on mine, it will actually work for a few go's in the beginning of a session, and then just stops, becomes unresponsive.

Maybe there's a Win10 setting we need to adjust, or something to toggle on/off again in the Win10 display settings, when we unplug from the multi monitors, that will allow the EN-for-Windows app' Left Panel to view?  I will have a play around now, and update you later.

Not sure if it matters but is your laptop screen 4K also? cheers


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Well, nope, playing with settings did nothing. 

My last idea is to make my laptop the 'Main Display' before unplugging from the multi-monitors.  Because normally one of the other large 32" (1920x1080) monitors acts as the primary or main display. Perhaps this will resolve it.

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My laptop screen is 4K (it's a Dell XPS 15 9560) and the other (which is the primary monitor when connected) is a 24" 1920x1200 Dell desktop monitor.  I've fiddled around endlessly with no success and have given up trying to sort this out!  I just live with it when using the laptop away from the dock.  The other gripe for me is that when I power up in the multi-monitor configuration, the EN window is HUGE, stretching several screen widths off to the right and I have to go through multiple resizings to get it back to one screen.  I feel as though this is an issue overall with the way Windows 10 copes with multiple monitors with differing resolutions, and perhaps also EN's way of trying to work around the information it's being fed by the OS.

Good luck finding a solution and let me know if you do!



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As posted above this is most likely related to the monitor config and the graphics card built into the device. Most business notebooks run only an integrated graphics solution on the CPU which will emulate a multi-monitor setup, because it does not have the horsepower to provide high resolution with high speed to all monitors at the same time.

Because this depends on the hardware, the monitor setup and the drivers, you will have to test it out.

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Hey @logandb ... I just reconnected to my multi-monitor setup, then via Win10 settings, configured my high-res laptop as the primary main screen. 

Next I opened EN and made sure the EN app-interface was moved to the laptop display, as I normally have EN set to open on monitor/screen #3 (my laptop is screen #1), and like you as i dragged it across it was blown out displaying huge across all screens, so had to simply maximise the window on the laptop.  And then just shut down the laptop.

I then logged back on to my PC, opened EN, but it was still unresponsive... so I completely signed out all users, and signed back in, then wolla. 

I am now able to View Left Panel via F10 shortcut key or via App-Menu options....and I kept toggling F10 many many times and no issue.

The only out-of-the-ordinary observation, is that this time round, I was also able to resize the left panel and the centre-panel-note list ( I use side-view)... to any column-widths I liked, well nearly any!  The editor window just continually resized to fit, exhibiting behaviour like any responsive website does when you resize a browser window...not sure if that's normal but at least I can view left panel.

Plus when I do toggle 'View Left Panel' via F10 or View>Menu...it maintains the last ridiculous column width I set. So now I am able to resize the left panel 80-85% of the screen with the centre note list like 15%, and have the editor window not even display!  Weird and strange.  But a win because at least now I have more display-flexibility than before...lol. Hope this info may help.

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Aahhh, thanks so much for posting this. I spent way too much time this afternoon trying to figure out where my missing left panel went. I hate the collapsed view because I switch between notebooks often and I'd rather click once than twice. Anyway, I have multiple mis-matched monitors.  I have a 4k monitor scaled up to 200% so I can see text.  I regularly switch the 4k down to 1920x1080 to see older applications that won't scale, but look better on a wide screen. My 2nd monitor tops out at 1280x1024. This morning, I had the 4k down to 1920x1080 and had to switch it back up to 3840x2160 (because of a web conference sharing bug, but that's another story). I had EN open at the time (on the small 2nd monitor) and noticed a little later that my left panel was minimized and I could not get it to expand. It was minimized on both monitors. 

Hours of searching and frustration.

Then I ran across this thread and tried switching my resolution back to 1920x1080 (where it was this morning).

My EN left panel reappeared! F10 worked again! 

Then out of curiosity, I switched back up to 3480x2160 and the left panel stayed put. Soooo, it does appear to be linked to display resolution somehow. 

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Wanted to share that the above workaround fixed my issue, so Thank you :) 

I have only recently installed Evernote and the thread above above fixed my issue. Upon installation and creating my first note, the left pane menu became completely inaccessible and blacked out. The menu was greyed out. I am using multiple monitors on a Win 10 set up. I did as you all guided above, set the resolution on my monitor that I am using to 1920x1080 and set the monitor I wanted the app to be used in as the default. I  Logged out of Evernote from my mobile and laptop. Then closed it and relaunched it. This fixed my issue. F10 works too. Thank you. 

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