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Hyperlink to local file inside an app

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I am using a MAC and an App called Papers 3 as a reference management software.

I want to create a hyperlink from an EverNote to a specific document within Papers 3

From Papers 3 I can copy the document's link, as for example "papers3://publication/uuid/3D6EB9D0-A5B7-4787-9266-E6C5C2051ADD"

Evernotes Desktop does not allow me to insert the link because it does not start with http:// or file:/// (see attached file)

EverNotes Online simply adds http:// to it, which does not help either.

For me, it is not an option to search for the file:/// link inside the Papers library because it would take me too much time if I have to search for it and it would not make much sense to have the file duplicated in an easier location. I simply need EverNotes to recognise papers3:// as a hyperlink and open it. My browser recognises it and opens it with Preview and I can't understand why EverNote cannot do the same.

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 5.37.21 am.png

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